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FrameReady Pay is the easiest way to accept all forms of electronic payments—including EMV chip cards and Apple Pay!

FrameReady Pay also adds a host of benefits and eliminates costly third-party providers.

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FrameReady Pay

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FrameReady Pay is our easy-to-use integrated payments solution to accept all forms of electronic payments—including EMV chip cards and Apple Pay.

  • Streamlines your checkout process

  • Supports all payment types, including Apple Pay®, Google Pay®

  • Adds great new features—including text message receipts

  • Saves you money on your FrameReady monthly subscription!

Powered by Fortis

  • Supports EMV (chip cards), NFC (Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay etc.), and MSR (swipe)

  • Multiple EMV credit card device options including wired and wireless

  • Online transaction management in real-time

  • Simplified competitive merchant account pricing

Modernize your Payment System with FrameReady Pay

  • Make it easier & more convenient for customers to pay

  • Automate payments best practices

FrameReady users who sign up will be able to choose from a variety of EMV-ready payment devices, including a customer facing multi-lane terminal with signature capture, a compact Wi-Fi enabled terminal, and more traditional countertop devices.

Data from each credit card transaction is automatically entered into FrameReady without any extra steps, saving you time and allowing you to be with your customers instead of your computers.


  • Simplify back office accounting and reconciliation

  • Digitally remarket to customers

Did you know?
EMV stands for Europay, MasterCard and Visa, and is the global standard for credit, debit, and prepaid card payments using the chip card technology. EMV chip-based payment card is a more secure alternative to traditional magnetic stripe payment cards.


• Available only in the United States, Guam, Bermuda, and Puerto Rico.

• Requires PIN pad hardware and software setup from Fortis.

• Compatible with Windows or Mac. See System Requirements

• Requires an internet connection.

• Requires FrameReady 13 and FileMaker Pro 19.4 or greater.

For more information or to sign up,
please call Sales at 1-888-281-3303 x204

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"FrameReady, Set, Go!" is a monthly subscription plan that makes great business sense.

No computer? No problem! We have an option that includes providing a new Mac Mini!