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FrameReady is a point-of-sale and pricing software system designed to help you successfully manage every aspect of the business of art gallery and custom picture framing.

Mac & Windows POS Software for Picture Frame Shops, Galleries and Framing Departments. iPad ready.

Software that meets the exacting needs of the custom picture framer. Whether you are a small storefront or a multi-location operation, FrameReady is the most comprehensive, flexible, and versatile custom picture frame pricing program available for both Mac and Windows.

Poin of Sale SoftwareFrameReady prices all components of a frame job no matter how ordinary or complex and keeps you profitable. It makes ordering , organization and communication with your customers simple giving you a competitive advantage. It gives you unlimited access to your own data in multiple query searches.

Customizable pricing structures to meet your needs.

Two versions from which to chose:

FrameReady - Our premier product provides a comprehensive system for your full-service frame shop, art gallery framer or multi-site operation with centralized production. Prices custom framing, tracks customers, creates invoices, purchase orders and work orders, generates financial reports, organizes production with shop management tools and tracks art/retail inventory, handles customer communication with extensive marketing tools.

FrameReady Lite - Designed to accurately, quickly and efficiently price a custom frame job and produce an inhouse and customer document. Orders your moulding and matboard supplies. Chose this version if you are a home based framer, photographer, artist, photo lab, portrait studio, or designer with an existing POS program.

FrameReady Screenshots - click to enlarge the image
  • Main Menu
  • Work Orders
  • Scenarios
  • Printed Work Order
  • Invoices
  • Printed Invoice
  • Contacts
  • Vendor Update
  • Purchase Orders
  • Products

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Our training videos, in-program help menu and online Knowledgebase make learning easy.

Create your own formulas and markups giving you confidence and accuracy. Profitability comes from being in control of your bottom line. Own your own data!

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Vendor Pricing UpdatesVendor Pricing Updates

Ensure that your pricing is always up-to-date. Our vendor pricing subscription provides weekly downloads for over 200 North American and Australian vendors and distributors. Hundreds of American and Canadian vendors are available: Roma, Larson Juhl, Nielsen and Bainbridge, Nurre Caxton, Don Mar, just to name a few. Your annual membership package entitles clients to instant broadband supplier pricing downloads.
See a complete list of Vendors available for FrameReady!

Comprehensive, Flexible, PricingComprehensive, Flexible, Pricing

Price framing with confidence; accurately and consistently!

Documents and Reports

Printed Documents and Reports!

View sales, receivables and payment reports by the day, month, quarter, or year. Print inventory lists to see what you have in stock! Print proposals for customers, invoices for overdue accounts, consignment art payments.

Why should I choose FrameReady?

Only FrameReady can do all these:

  • Create multiple ways to price moulding and matboard from the same supplier
  • Price glass based on its layer in the frame (Eg. over the liner, as a mat)
  • Enter measurements as a fraction or a decimal
  • Save any document as a PDF for emailing
  • Store multiple digital images in the work order file
  • Price fabric to cover a matboard and cover a liner into the frame wall you specify
  • Fit a frame to an outside dimension - very helpful when framing mirrors
  • Automatically place items from multiple suppliers onto one purchase order
  • Move individual items from one purchase order to another or merge two orders into one... even if they are from different suppliers


FrameReady, the very best, most flexible, most versatile program in the custom picture framing industry! AND the only one native to both MAC and Windows platforms. Why settle for inadequate, poorly designed software when you can have the best, FrameReady!


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Yes we can!

  • Create and price custom frame designs
  • Make changes easily and recalculate prices instantly
  • Quickly price out complex and multiple designs
  • Directly market to framing customers based on certain criteria
  • Add customer's art to readymade frames
  • Work on more than one order at a time
  • Put an order on hold & come back to it
  • Duplicate an order and update it to current pricing
  • E-mail any document to a customer
  • Create a smooth production flow from design, to materials, to completion
  • Change an order after it has been invoiced
  • Put multiple orders onto one invoice
  • Calculate how much to pay your consignment artists at the end of the month

  • Order moulding & mat supplies
  • Price a fabric wrapped liner or mat
  • Price glass placed over the liner or fillet
  • Price stacked frames
  • Price gilding and your own finishes on raw moulding stock
  • Sell retail items with no framing required
  • Price fabric wraps on matboard & moulding
  • Print mailing labels, art labels and job labels
  • Track referrals
  • Barcodes can be used for easy and accurate corner samples entry, for retail labeling, and shop management functions
  • Seamlessly interface with Wizard CMC, Integrated Framer & MatDesigner software (we were the first to do it!)
  • Find an order or customer by any criteria, not just name and phone number
    ... want to know if we can? Ask us!